Custom agreement

Effective date May 18th, 2021

This Agreement between GZ Limited (Goodzone) company, address is Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Vesivärava tn 50-201, 10152, which acts as the Application Administrator and Owner, and you (the User) sets out the terms of use of the Mobile Application Services and the Goodzone Web Portal (the "Application").

  1. Terms

1.1. This Agreement is a public offer.


1.2. By using the Application, you enter into a binding legal agreement with us, in which you agree to abide by:


1. of this Agreement;

2. our Privacy Policy;

3. our Cookie Policy;

4. our Payment Policy.



If you do not want or cannot comply with this Agreement, please do not use the Application.


1.3.This Agreement also applies to the Goodzone web portal, located at, which completely duplicates all services and modules of the Application.



2. Basic concepts:


2.1. Administrator - a legal entity that has the exclusive right to the Application, including (but not limited to): the program interface, the application software, the application algorithms.


2.2. User - an individual who has created an account in the Application, who has accepted the Agreement and uses the relevant services of the Application for their own purposes. The user cannot be a person who has not reached the age of incomplete civil capacity in accordance with the rules of law in force in the country of citizenship.


2.3. Application - for this Agreement, the Application means both the Goodzone Mobile Application, the functionality of which is defined in Section 3 of this Agreement, and the Goodzone Web Portal.


2.4. Services - relevant information and technical services provided to the User. Services are divided into free and paid.


2.5. The module is a functionally complete fragment of the program, designed as a separate file with source code or its so-called part, intended for use in a mobile application or on the web portal "Goodzone".


2.6. Content - information expressed in text, numerical, graphic or audio form, which is stored or transmitted by the User through the Application Services.


2.7. Undesirable content - content that contains profanity, or relates to trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues, can be perceived as promoting a cult of violence and cruelty, racial, national or religious intolerance and discrimination, pornography and more. Undesirable content also includes links to web resources and / or materials, the use and / or distribution of which is prohibited by applicable law and / or contrary to the principles of public morality.


2.9. Processing of personal data - any action or set of actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, renewal, use and distribution (distribution, sale, transfer), depersonalization, destruction of personal data, including the use information (automated) systems;


2.10. Dissemination of information - transfer by the User of information received from another User (users) to any third parties and in any way, in particular, but not exclusively - publication in the media, distribution on the Internet or using other means of telecommunications , messages in public speeches or social networks, placement in public places, etc.


2.11. Celebrities / Creators - well-known media people in the field of education, medicine, cinema, music, sports, travel, cooking, etc., who are registered as such in the Application and have entered into an agreement with the Administrator.

 2.12.Good events   - patronage, sponsorship, philanthropy.


3. Application Functionality


3.1. The purpose of creating the Application is to provide an opportunity for Users to communicate with Celebrities, as well as to assist Good events. The app is designed to bring people together and communicate regardless of their status.

3.2. The application allows you to make real-time video calls to Celebrities / Creators.

3.3. The application provides the ability to order a video appeal Offline from Celebrities / Creators.

3.4. The application provides the ability to view video appeals, seminars and recording lessons from Celebrities / Creators.

3.5. Please note, the Application is not representative of any user or Celebrities / Creators. This means that any information, orders, messages, content that you receive are beyond our control and responsibility. We are not responsible for any posts, comments or ratings that are brazen, offensive, illegal, erroneous or unfair or even if they violate any of your rights or interests or the rights and interests of a third party.



4. User account registration


4.1. By filling out the registration form, or if the registration takes place through an accessible social network, you hereby consent to the terms of this Agreement and give permission for us to process your personal data.


4.2. To use the Services of the Application in the account registration form, you must specify a login (e-mail address) and password, or register through an accessible social network. If you position yourself as Celebrity, be sure to submit a verification video with the hashtag Goodzone.

5. Rights and obligations of the Parties


5.1. Rights and responsibilities of the Administrator:


5.1.1. We ensure the proper functioning of the Application as a whole and its individual services.


5.1.2. We undertake to comply with applicable laws in the field of personal data protection when processing your personal data, which you provide when registering and creating an account in the Application, or transfer it to us in any other way.


5.1.3.We do not store on our resources the data transmitted by Users to each other, except as described in paragraph of this Agreement. We can provide services for storing on our own resources materials of lessons, seminars or appeals, with the help of special services of the Application.


5.1.4. We have the right to charge a fee for the use of certain services of the Application, as you are duly notified in advance. By default, there is no charge for using the Application.


5.1.5. We will not interfere in the personal communication of Users, which is carried out through the services of the Application.


5.1.6. We have the right to develop, install and use in the application services software and / or algorithms that track the presence of unwanted content.


5.1.7. In case you violate the terms of this agreement, we have the right to take disciplinary action, namely: Written warning sent to you automatically; Temporary restriction of your access to the Services of the Application; Delete account.


5.2. Rights and obligations of Users:


5.2.1. To use the services of the Application, the User must register and provide the following mandatory data: login (e-mail address) and password, or register via an accessible social network.


5.2.2. You must provide reliable and accurate information about yourself.


5.2.3. You have the right to contact us for advice on the operation of the Services and technical support in the event of failure of the Application.


5.2.4. If, under the applicable laws of your country, you have reached the minimum age from which the Application may be used, but you are not yet entitled to enter into this Agreement, this Agreement must be entered into by your legal representatives on your behalf.


5.2.5. You have the right to receive complete and accurate information about the Administrator, namely: his name, location.


5.2.6. You agree not to take any action that may be considered a violation of national law or international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyright and / or related rights, or any action that causes or may cause a breach of the normal operation of the Application. as a whole and its separate services.


5.2.7. You must not impersonate another User or a representative of an organization and / or community without sufficient rights.


5.2.8. You agree not to share any information you receive from other Users or Celebrities through the Services of the Application without their direct and unambiguous consent to such distribution. Exceptions to this rule are cases where information obtained from other users is publicly available and / or known from open sources. Disclosure of the specified information at the request of competent state bodies is allowed only on condition of observance of the corresponding procedural norms.


5.2.9. You agree not to use the Services of the Application to commit illegal acts, including but not limited to: trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues, distribution of works promoting the cult of violence and cruelty, racial, national or religious intolerance and discrimination, pornographic materials, etc.


5.2.10. You are warned that we are not responsible for your visit and use of external resources, links to which may be contained in the services of the Application.


5.2.11. You agree that the Services of the Application may be accompanied by advertising and agree that we are not responsible and have no obligation in connection with such advertising.


5.2.12. You agree that you are solely responsible for the information you post in the Services of the Application in accordance with national law and international law. We are not responsible for the content, accuracy of such information.


5.2.13. You may log into the Application and use it exclusively for lawful, authorized purposes, and in no event should you use the Application inappropriately. You must adhere to these codes of conduct, policies, retention restrictions and other notices related to the Application that we provide or post from time to time, and you must immediately inform us if you become aware of a security breach related to the Application.


5.2.14. You are individually responsible for your behavior, orders, content and all communications with others when using the Application. "Content" includes messages and requests that you submit, files that are uploaded to or through the Application, comments on files, your profile information in the Application, and anything else that you add or upload to the Application. We may, at our discretion, check the content that is in the public domain for compliance with these Rules, our policies and instructions, but you understand that we have the right, but in no case are we obliged to check any information in the Application, so you bear full responsibility for such compliance. However, you agree that we may remove or disable any content that is in the public domain, or even your account on the App, at any time, for any reason or without any reason. We are not responsible for the accuracy, relevance or legality of information, content or any other information relating to you or any other users and to which you and other users may access when using the Application. The Application has functions that allow you, on an equal basis with other users, to provide your content to other users of the Application, when you become a celebrity of the Application, to ask the celebrity of the Application to share its content with you or make it publicly available. Please think carefully about what you can share or make publicly available, and what you can request to be publicly available. You acknowledge that you may be liable if: your content contains material that is misleading, intentionally misleading or defamatory; violates any rights of third parties, including copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, morality.


5.2.15. By creating your account, you agree to receive certain messages from us, other users, and advertisers. In some cases, you will be able to opt out of receiving certain messages. You can find out more about our message types and your rights to such messages in our Privacy Policy.


5.2.16. You acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms of our Policies, which are incorporated herein by reference and form an integral part of this Agreement.


6. Paid and free services


6.1. Service works by subscription.


6.2. Terms of free use of the Services of the Application include:

viewing recordings of video messages, direct video calls between a celebrity and a fan; you periodically review the ad units that are placed by advertisers in agreement with us.


6.3Access to the free services of the Application is provided to you without any time restrictions.


6.8. You can increase your chances of engaging with celebrities by purchasing additional requests. Detailed information on paid services in the Payment Policy.


6.9. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your use of the Application's paid services at any time and for any reason without any obligation in accordance with the terms of Section 9 of this Agreement. If we terminate or suspend your account for any reason or not, in accordance with the terms of Section 9 of this Agreement, you will not be entitled to a refund of any payments you make to us for these services.


7. The policy of processing your personal data and the information transmitted is determined by our Privacy Policy. 


8. Applicable law


8.1. Use of the Site is regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

8.2. If the User and the Administrator are in different states, the applicable national law shall be chosen in accordance with the international agreements concluded between those states.



9. Termination of this Agreement


9.1. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by deleting your account, terminating your use of the Application and giving us written notice of termination at the address below.


9.2. We may close your account, suspend your use of certain Services of the Application and / or completely prohibit you from using the Application for any reason or without it, without notice or liability of any kind.


10.  Final provisions


10.1. We may change our User Agreement from time to time. However, posting the current version on the Application is a sufficient message of such changes. You should regularly check the current User Agreement, as the revised versions will be mandatory for you. Any such changes will take effect upon publication of the updated User Agreement on the Application. You understand and agree that your access to our Application following any published changes to the User Agreement constitutes your agreement to those changes.

10.2. Changes made to the User Agreement by the Administration do not have retroactive effect.

10.3. If you do not agree with the changes, you must refuse to visit the Application or its individual services and stop using it (them).


10.4. If any provision of this User Agreement is declared invalid by a court, the other parts will remain in force, and any unenforceable part will be interpreted and applied in a way that most accurately reflects the intention of the Parties.


10.5. Please note that in case of any discrepancies between the translations of the Agreement into other languages, the Agreement drawn up in the Ukrainian language shall prevail.


10.6. Questions, complaints and suggestions related to the use of the Application should be sent to: